pelvic floor & sports physiotherapist

Robyn Hickmott


Robyn is passionate about assisting anyone who experiences pain or injury. She specialises in a wide range of conditions ranging from continence issues and pelvic pain, to sporting injuries and "growing pains". Over the last 5 years she has developed a clinical interest and expertise in hypermobility syndromes in children and adolescents. 


Robyn is a physiotherapist with over 30yrs experience. She graduated from Curtin University in 1986, and has added post-graduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy (1992) and Continence & Womens Health (2009). The first 8 years of her career were spent gaining invaluable experience in the public hospital system at Bentley Hospital, RPH and in a Senior Musculoskeletal role at Osborne Park Hospital. Since 1992 she has worked exclusively in sports medicine clinics and private practice.