Exercise Classes

Pilates Matwork class:

A full 55 minute workout using the most versatile of all resources... a mat! When practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance for the whole body.

  • Saturday 9am, alternating Fridays 4pm

Pilates Reformer Class:

A great strengthening and flexibility 55 minute workout using the Pilates reformer to challenge a variety of muscles throughout the arms, legs and core. With controlled movement against spring-based resistance, you'll be working muscles you never knew you had. The individualised feedback will make them stronger every session. 

  • Monday 6pm, Tuesday 11am and 12pm, Thursday 11am, Saturday 7am and 12pm
  • Physio Reformer Class Friday 11am

Miracle Ball Relaxation Class:

Miracle Balls are a safe and natural way to alleviate pain resulting from muscle tension, dysfunctional holding patterns and poor breathing. The underlying premise that makes these balls so miraculous is fairly simple: weight + breathing = relaxation.

By placing the balls in strategic areas and using the breath to induce a spontaneous letting go, patients often report relief from long standing and often debilitating painful conditions like sciatica, TMJ and chronic LBP. Using the simple tools of your breath and a willingness to let go and relax into the balls has the added benefit of getting you into a meditative mindset and enhances self awareness.

Priced at $35 these balls are value for money and come with an initial free class with one of our experienced Pilates instructors. The balls also include a booklet with detailed instructions on how to use the balls safely at home. They can make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

  • Wednesday 1pm, alternate Fridays 1pm

Osteoporosis and Falls Prevention:

Osteoporosis is a common disease in Australia with 1.2 million people estimated to have osteoporosis and further 6.3 million with low bone density. Falls are one of the biggest reasons for bone fractures and a high cause of mortality in the elderly.

Physiotherapy run exercise classes are a safe and effective form of weight bearing and resistance exercise to improve bone density and balance.

LifeCare Applecross has Osteoporosis classes available twice a week.

  • Monday 12pm, Wednesday 12pm 


Within each yoga class, you will continuously be cued to find the place where you can feel the perfect balance of your muscles strengthening and lengthening while maintaining a steady, unrestricted breath. The vitality that arises as a result of your yoga practice will leave you feeling equally refreshed and relaxed.

Anyone can start yoga, even if you don't feel very flexible or strong - these factors will improve with practice. In fact, the stiffer you are the more you will benefit.

  • Monday 1pm, Alternating Fridays 4pm 

Kids Pilates:

Particularly helpful for kids with hypermobility, there's plenty of excitement to keep the entertainment factor high. Pilates comes alive as a series of therapeutic exercises are turned into muscle games that challenge balance, control and stability. This class is great at developing good patterns of movement from an early age, helping kids of all body types to enjoy exercise, prevent injury and promote development! 

  • Tuesday 4pm

Pregnancy Fitness Class - Bump&Me:

Run as a weekly class over six sessions, Bump&Me involves an hour of Pilates-type exercise with a focus on stretching, toning, breathing, relaxation, posture and pelvic floor activation. This is done with the use of a mat, exercise ball, theraband and hand weights. These classes are for women at any stage of pregnancy, but ideally those in the second and third trimester. Different options are available to ensure that all levels of fitness and Pilates experience are catered for! See www.fitright.physio for further details. 

  • Wednesday 7pm


If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy, attending our pregnancy education workshop PregEd will give you essential information about safe exercises for pregnancy and beyond. The PregEd workshop is the perfect complement to the antenatal classes you will attend (provided by your hospital) and is highly recommended if you’re looking at attending our pregnancy fitness classes too. See www.fitright.physio for further details. 

  • One Saturday per month

Class Info

If you have never tried our exercise classes before, an initial assessment may help you to get the most out of the class so that it can be tailored to your needs. 

Please call our great receptionists if you would like to know more, or to book an initial assessment to join one of our classes - (08) 9364 4073

Please note due to small numbers attendance at all classes require a booking. 

A rebate may be available through your private health fund. Please check with your private health insurer if you can claim Pilates or Physiotherapy classes.