LifeCare Sports Training Seminars

Have you ever seen someone tape an ankle and thought, wow, that looks like a work of art, I wish I could do that? Ever wondered whether to use ice or heat? Or what to do if you’re concerned someone has been concussed on the sporting field?

If you’re involved in a sporting club and are looking to improve your skills in injury management, then come down and join us for LifeCare’s sports trainer seminar series.

We run these seminars to up-skill sporting clubs on the ins and outs of injury management, taping techniques, criteria for return to play and concussion. And there’s plenty of time for questions which our highly experienced team of physios are more than happy to answer. We’re pleased to be able to offer this free of charge as a service to our sporting community.

If you or the sports trainer at your club would like to come down and learn some new skills or practice old ones, we’d be happy to have you. Read on for the details below on how to register, or contact us for more details. See you soon!

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